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 World Oncology Networkpledges to always respect the privacy of its users. The information (the names, email addresses, phone, fax or any other contact information, personal or professional) provided to us voluntarily by our members, is not shared with any third party. The Directory , once published , is sent ONLY to participating members. It is not sold or given to anyone except those already included in the Directory.
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World Oncology Network,Incobtains financial funding from diverse sources :
  • Donations from pharmaceutical companies and hospitals
  • Selling of advertisements on the Website (such as banners,etc.)
  • Leasing of website space for posting job searches, meetings and/or announcements.
  • Leasing of website space to professionals, institutions, solo practitioners, agencies, etc. ( such as in Second Opinion Panel, Mental Health Counselors, Hospice Care Services, Home Health Agencies ,etc.)
  • Contributions from private citizens
  • Sponsorships from private parties


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Advertising Policy



  • Banners are charged by period of time posted
  • Posting of ads in Job Opportunities Sections or Meetings are charge per word/per month rates.
  • To be included in the Second opinion Panel, Mental Health Counselors, Hospice Care Services or Home Health Agencies a nominal monthly fee is applied.
  • For further pricing information contact or see our Advertising Section

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The World Oncology Network website has become a major resource center for patients, nurses, and physicians alike. We continue expanding the site and trying to make it a valuable tool for the daily practice of hematology and oncology, as well as a reference point from which information and education can be obtained at all levels. We would be honored for you to become a contributor for the website, please follow these simply instructions


  1. Only articles about oncology, cancer care, hematology or cancer related experiences will be published.
  2. Articles do not need to be originals. World Oncology Network does not assume copyrights of any submitted contribution, neither verifies or assumes responsibility for copyright violations incurred by contributors.
    If the article was previously published, please verify that you are authorized to submitted it to this website for publication.
  3. Articles intended for advertising , sales or promotions will be not be accepted.
  4. Send your article by e-mail as an attachment to: . Format must be Microsoft Word/Work compatible.
  5. Valid contact information must be included : name, address, phone and e-mail address.
  6. Clarify if you desire that readers contact you or not
  7. World Oncology Network reserves the right to accept or reject any contribution.


    Please note: All information provided is confidential and it is not shared with third parties.


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Instructions for Second Opinion Panel Participation



New Members:

1) Fill out and submit an application for membership to World Oncology Network.

2) No administrative fee is requiered.

3) Allow 4 weeks from date of submission for posting

4) World Oncology Network,Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any submission



Please, check the appropriate box and make all necessary changes and /or additions to the previously submitted information. There is no charge for changes, corrections or additions as long as they are within the boundaries of the previous agreement.



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